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Senin, 09 Juli 2012

Aurora 3D Barcode Generator

Senin, 09 Juli 2012
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Very easy to use, wizard-style operation, 3 steps to complete bar code design, don’t need learning can be used.

30+ bar code templates to choose from, including QR Code, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC / EAN, Data Matrix etc,.

Can be set to barcode data, barcode color, and whether to display the auxiliary text, and the text font, color can be set.

Barcode height, width, horizontal and vertical space can be set.

Different barcode templates can be select different parameters and type selection. For example: QR Code can be set TypeMode (Standard, HIBC) and Size Mode.

Can copy and paste in other software, or export images include: PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG, TIFF, etc.

Batch Generate: select the batch generated rules or import a text, once to generate multiple bar codes, in accordance with the rules, from 1 to 100 or more.

Cheap Price: only $19.95, you can get a simple but powerful bar code tool, quickly try it. Available on the Mac App Store. This is the Best QR Code Maker, Barcode Creator.

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"HEAR" membuat speaker menjadi powerful !!

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Hear Features :
  • Hear offers a wide array of settings that are quick easy to find and will greatly improve the sound quality of your music, movies and games.
  • MIXER - allows you to adjust the sound volume for various applications, so you don t have a loud mail sound while you are listening to music
  • EQUALIZER - features the most advanced N-band equalizer with built-in peak limiters. You can choose between slider or curve mode for fine-adjustments
  • GENERAL - adjust the general settings (bass, dewoofer, fidelity) and enable various effects
  • 3D - expanding audio environment out of actual speaker positions
  • FX - is an aggressive type of surround sound remixing
  • BW - meditate to your music...it s a special feature that can help you relax after work, it does so by generating brain waves targeted at relaxation
  • MAXIMIZER - bring your concert home...produces a more live feature to the music (bass is boomier and highs are crisper)
  • AMBIENCE - allows you to add reverb effect to the output
  • SPEAKER - widen the frequency range of your speaker system (or headphones) and corrects output phase
  • SUB - expands bass frequencies like a real subwoofer does
  • LIMITER - ceiling and threshold, control aspects of level compression
  • SPACE - creates a virtual re-sounding frame behind the listener s position and bounces the sound around
  • FIDELITY - restores the subtle nuances that are often damaged in the recording process

pass : xdrag0n


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Senin, 11 Juni 2012

CleanMem Memory Optimizer

Senin, 11 Juni 2012
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Umumnya, program memory optimizer akan mencoba membebaskan memory (RAM) dengan cara memindahkan data-data yang ada di RAM ke dalam memory virtual (paging file) di harddisk, sehingga RAM yang bebas (free memory) selalu tersedia. Hanya saja ketika membaca ulang data di paging file ketika dibutuhkan akan membuat komputer seperti tidak merespon instruksi dari penggunanya, karena masih sibuk dengan urusannya sendiri di paging file.
CleanMem bekerja dengan pendekatan yang berbeda. CleanMem tidak membersihkan memori dari proses itu sendiri, melainkan meminta Windows untuk melakukan hal itu. Ketika dijalankan, CleanMem akan memeriksa proses yang berjalan, kemudian memanggil Windows API (Application Programming Interface) untuk melepaskan memory dari proses-proses yang sudah tidak diperlukan lagi. Setelah semua itu selesai, CleanMem akan menutup dirinya sendiri.
Satu hal lagi, CleanMem tidak menetap di memory secara resident, melainkan bekerja secara otomatis setiap 30 menit sekali tanpa perlu campur tangan dari kita. Ini bisa dilakukan karena CleanMem menggunakan fasilitas task schedular Windows.

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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Recuva File Recovery v1.37

Kamis, 07 Juni 2012
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Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And it's free!

Once you first run Recuva data recovery software, the screen will letting you choose what files types you would recover.  It will show you the Filename, Path, Size, Last Modified, State (recoverable or not), and Comment (Whether the file has been overwritten or not) after finish scanning your hard disk. It even has a search feature (Find) to find files you are looking for.

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